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QoT offers a full range of training in Software Testing and Quality Assurance, from Test Management to Testing Techniques and Testing Tools. QoT offers small class room training to encourage learning and maximise focus from the trainers.

As partners with Atlassian, Microfocus and Inflectra we also offer extensive toolset training, ranging from user training all the way to administration and installation training. 

Your staff are your biggest investment, make sure they have what they need to do the job properly. QoT can enhance your team’s skillsets ensuring you get maximum value from that investment.

QoT Solutions Staff Training.png

Become a recognised Quality Assurance or Tools practitioner by booking your course.

Our training courses come highly recommended by our clients and our trainers are practitioners and coaches. When you attend our training you will not only learn the theory but also learn from highly experienced individuals.

Have any questions for us?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss any queries you may have.

Or Call 087 822 2267

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