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Cucumber Selenium Automation Course

Course Title : Cucumber Selenium Automation.

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Duration: 5 Days

Location: Quality of Things Solutions, Block E18 Lifestyle Riverfront Office Park, Boskruin
Cost: Please email

In today's Agile development landscape, integrating business testing and development into a cohesive team is essential. Our Cucumber Selenium Automation course addresses this need by providing you with the expertise to write and maintain robust Cucumber scripts, ensuring seamless communication between technical and non-technical teams.​​

Course Focus

  • This course is structured to enable anyone with basic knowledge of Java and Selenium WebDriver to create basic to advanced Cucumber test(s).

  • It is a stepping-stone towards learning more advanced automation principles, and thus will help the candidate build the right foundation when learning UI Automation.

  • Gain practical experience with JAVA Basics and key test automation principles; including creating basic automation scripts and learning how to build more complexity and functionality into your framework through the course.

  • Understand Data-Driven Testing principles, and implement DDT as part of the Cucumber Selenium framework, to ensure comprehensive coverage and accuracy when it comes to UI Test Automation.

  • Learn the basics of Test automation so as to understand how to properly maintain and run existing scripts in your workplace.




  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of fundamental testing concepts, types of testing, and the software development lifecycle.

  • Basic knowledge of the general concept of test automation and test design for automation.

  • Experience with programming or scripting languages (e.g., JavaScript, Java or understanding of OOP) is beneficial for writing test scripts and automating tests.

  • Basic knowledge of Selenium WebDriver will be an advantage.

  • Familiarity with any development tools and IDEs is helpful but not mandatory, as the course will have a ‘basic Java for Test Automation’ refresher to help familiarize the learner with the requirements.

Learning Objective

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Cucumber (BDD) at a basic level.

  • Know what Gherkin is and how it is used.

  • Use and understand Cucumber Keywords (Given, When, Then).

  • Understand Features and Step Definitions.

  • Understand how to use and implement IntelliJ.

  • Understand what Cucumber hooks are and their importance.

  • And much, much more!

Who should attend Cucumber Selenium Automation Course?

  • Software Testers and QA Engineers looking to expand their skills in UI Test Automation.

  • Anyone looking to understand the concepts of Cucumber BDD.

  • Manual Testers wanting to get into Test Automation.

  • Anyone aspiring to pursue a career in software testing and quality assurance.

What are the benefits of attending our ‘Cucumber Selenium’ training course?

  • Cucumber (BDD) streamlines the requirement capturing process, making it easy to understand and implement.

  • Simplify the development of automation test scripts with Cucumber (BDD), saving time and effort.

  • Master Cucumber BDD from the ground up, empowering you to create Data-driven Automation Scripts using Cucumber JAVA.

  • Gain vital insights and foundational skills to kickstart a rewarding career as a QA Engineer.

  • Elevate work standards and foster a collaborative team approach to testing within your professional environment.

  • Meet the soaring demand for Cucumber, a highly sought-after BDD framework in the industry

    Enroll Today!
    Take your test automation skills to the next level with QoT Solutions. Enroll in our Cucumber Selenium Automation course and become proficient in one of the most popular BDD frameworks in the industry. Enhance your professional capabilities and drive success within your team.

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