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How To Test Software in an Agile Environment
Course Overview

Course Title : How To Test Software in an Agile Environment.

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Duration: 5 Days

Get upskilled on How to Test Software in an Agile Environment now!

Register for our 5 day  hands-on course, facilitated by an experienced, certified professional.

There are many courses available today that offer to train delegates on development processes using agile, but there are very few that specifically address the quality (testing) aspects of these processes.

This course covers these missing, but vital, quality aspects.  Using Jira as the tool of choice, this course takes delegates through the agile process from end to end, from the software quality engineer’s (tester’s) viewpoint.

Course Focus

  • This course begins with a brief overview of the different roles in the agile process with emphasis
    on the role of the quality specialist.


  • We start with users stories and acceptance criteria and follow the agile journey through to deploying
    and testing the software in production.


  • With the emphasis on putting theory into practice, this course is highly practical.
    Attendees will apply their knowledge in real case scenarios.


  • This 5-day instructor-led course includes hands-on-labs, interaction and fun ensuring that we cater for all types of learning.
    Our combination of practical exercises and discussion ensure that we provide an experience  to enable
    everything you need to employ a successful quality strategy in a Scrum/Kanban team.



  • No previous testing experience required!

  • An understanding of agile concepts would be an advantage

  • Experience using Jira would also help (but is not mandatory).

Learning Objectives

The following learning outcomes can be expected after completing the

‘How to Test Software in an Agile environment’ 5-Day course:


  • Apply the principles of validation to user requirements .

  • Create appropriate user stories from user requirements

  • Create acceptance criteria based on user stories

  • Apply test design techniques such as:

  1. Equivalence classes

  2. Boundary value analysis

  3. Decision tables

  4. State transition diagrams

  5. Pairwise testing etc.

  • Apply other testing techniques such as Usability testing, Exploratory testing, Integration testing,
    Sanity testing, Regression testing and Unit testing.


  • Design tests that are suited to automation (re-usable test cases)

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the agile team.

  • Gain a rudimentary understanding of various related philosophies e.g. Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, DevOps,
    Continuous Integration, TDD, BDD, automation, especially as it relates to the testing function.

Who should attend this How to Test Software Course?

Any person wanting to do/or understand Testing in an agile environment.

(As per Agile all feature team members are responsible for quality)

What are the benefits of attending a ‘How to Test Software in an Agile Environment’ training course?​

  • Delegates will learn how testing helps reduce time, money and risk.

  • Learn how to improve the quality of software you are developing

  • Improve your users experience of your software

  • Delegates will understand agile

Have any questions for us?

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