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Test Automation with Selenium Course Overview

Course Title : Test Automation with Selenium.

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Duration: 5 Days

Get upskilled on Test Automation with Selenium now!

Register for our 5 day hands-on course, facilitated by an experienced, certified professional.

There are courses being offered almost everywhere these days on how to use Selenium as a framework for testing, but there are very few that specifically address the systems used in the South African market and how to tackle issues encountered in the work place when things do not go as planned.

This course covers these missing, but vital, gems of experience from our Trainers based on their own learning paths through their years in the industry.  Using Selenium, in combination with multiple frameworks, this course takes delegates through the QA journey from beginning to end,  from the software quality engineer’s perspective and inclusive of reporting for your stakeholders.

Course Focus

  • This course begins with a brief overview of the concepts of Programming using JAVA as a language, with emphasis on the role of the quality specialist in terms of Test Automation.

  • In our introduction, focus is placed on Java and the basic concepts of programming
    (Objects, Classes, Loops and Conditions, etc.)


  • With the knowledge of the Language to be used, the learners then gets to understand how the learnt concepts
    are applied to Selenium in the world of QA.


  • Over the 5-Day course, the learners get to build on the basics and move to the more advanced aspects of Test Automation
    such as Frameworks, Reporting, Error Handling, API Automation, etc.


  • This 5-day instructor-led course includes hands-on-labs, interaction and Mentorship ensuring that we cater for all types of learning.  Our combination of practical exercises and discussion ensure that we provide an experience to enable
    everything you need to be ‘hit-the-ground’ ready for Test Automation in the workplace.



  • Candidates should have a good understanding of Testing.

  • An understanding of Test Design for Automation concepts would be an advantage.

  • Can grasp the concepts of what GUI and API testing are and where they sit in the software architecture.

  • Some experience in JAVA as a programming language.

Learning Objectives

The following learning outcomes can be expected after completing the ‘Test Automation with Selenium ’ 5-Day course:


  • Learning and grasping the concepts of programming using JAVA as a language.

  • Understanding the major concepts of Classes, Objects, Loops, Conditions.

  • The concepts for Analysis, Planning and Execution when it comes to Automation.

  • The Design, Creation and Use of frameworks:

  1. Modular Approach to Coding

  2. Standards when it comes to Test Automation

  3. Page Object Model approach

  4. API Framework i.e. Rest Assured

  5. Advanced Test Automation knowledge concepts when it comes to DevOps and Agile

  • Learning to use different tools in order to facilitate the creation on test scripts.

  • Learning to use reporting tools with Charts and Graphs that reflect execution of scripts.

  • Managing situations and unplanned circumstances in the field of Test Automation.

Who should attend this How to Test Software Course?

Any person wanting to do/or understand Automation and wanting to apply their learnings in their respective workplaces.

What are the benefits of attending a ‘Test Automation with Selenium ’ training course?​

  • Delegates will learn how Automation Tests helps reduce time, money and risk on the long run.

  • Learn how to build in quality in their work and improve the quality in your work environment when it comes to IT.

  • Learners acquire the knowledge and the building blocks for them to be ready when it comes to their career in Test Automation.

  • Improve your work standards and approach to Testing as a team in your work place.

  • Delegates will understand Test Automation and how and where it is applied in Software Architecture.

Have any questions for us?

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