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and Mentoring

At QoT our experienced coaches offer onsite mentoring and coaching aiming to improve performance and delivery through tried and tested coaching methods.  

As partners with Atlassian, Microfocus and Inflectra we also offer extensive toolset training, ranging from user training all the way to administration and installation training.

Your staff are your biggest investment, make sure they have what they need to do the job properly.

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Our approach

is as follows

  1. Perform an assessment to identify where teams need training interventions to level up and grow

  2. Focus on burning issues

  3. Define a plan for improvement based on the assessments conducted

  4. Guide and assist teams to collaborate effectively

  5. Assist in the implementation of process improvements through identifying innovative solutions and productivity improvement initiatives to realise cost savings

  6. Facilitate resource training

  7. Develop learning pathways for individuals and demonstrate strengths and weaknesses through personal development assessments.

  8. Aid teams to define meaningful metrics

Have any questions for us?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss any queries you may have.

Or Call 087 822 2267

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