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About Us

Our vision is to create an energetic, high-spirited organisation generating significant value for our clients, staff and society.

With a mission to deliver the highest quality
in innovative and affordable IT solutions;
and continually meet our clients business objectives and needs through our motivated, creative technologists, who specialise in state-of-the-art and innovative solutions. Our client's success is our own.

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Our Values


The things that we believe are important in the way we live and work.

  • Grow and create

    We provide the platform to encourage our people to learn, to be inventive and to inspire. 

  • Have fun

    We value the principles around a healthy humorous work environment, enjoying one’s job and celebrating our successes.

  • Be passionate and persevere

    We value enthusiasm and the desire to deliver something awesome, rain or shine. 

  • Be transparent

    We believe in making information accessible to everyone, promoting trust and increasing motivation. 

  • Exercise integrity

    We believe our people live and embody their values in all of their relationships.

  • Collaborate and act in solidarity

    Fail and succeed as a team. we believe in the power of partnership and that by working as one we can produce extraordinary results. 

  • We take accountability

    We value the ability of our people to fulfill their commitments and obligations to both our clients and to each other.

Meet The Team

shane resized.jpg

Shane Abrahams


Wears the pants… and can sometimes be persuaded to put more clothes on too.

“You need to love what you do to be successful and if you’re not having fun doing it, you’re doing it wrong.”

Toni Resized.jpg

Toni Coetzee

Financial Manager & Marketing Lead

Can count without using her fingers, makes pretty pictures and likes to hit little balls with big sticks over weekends.

Frankie Resized.jpg

Frankie Seegers

Operations and Solutions Director

Technologist, Linguist, Musician, used to juggle for fun…now just juggles for money.“Passion drives purpose, let’s just hope purpose, has Waze and can find everyone.

Franco Resize.jpg

Franco Lawrence

Systems Administrator and Atlassian Consultant

Is great with his tools,  can be confirmed with the mothers of his children.

Ro Resized.jpg

Rovana Liebenberg

Sales Director

Passionate about People and Solutions.“Instead of stressing about things that you cannot control…….
Shift your energy to what you can create!!!”

Glizelle Resized.jpg

Glizelle Ryan

HR/Payroll Administrator

The unofficial psychologist , event planner, peace maker, lawyer and teacher.

Have any questions for us?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss any queries you may have.

Or Call 087 822 2267

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