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Staff Augmentation

QoT Solutions provides customised solutions to meet your specific needs, whether it be short or long-term. 

We contract with clients to supplement their staff with Quality Engineers, Developers and Transformation agents.  We can assist whether it’s augmenting your team or providing a complete team with expertise in Quality Assurance, Development or Transformation.

Our experienced consultants deliver services both on-site (at clients’ facilities) and remotely from our test lab.

QoT Solutions Staff Augmentation.jpeg

Our Staff Augmentation Services


Technical Consulting

Covering areas such as requirements effectiveness and traceability, test planning and test case coverage

and much more.


Scrum Mastery

Our professionally certified Scrum Masters will ensure the successful facilitation of Agile Software Development projects.

Have any questions for us?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss any queries you may have.

Or Call 087 822 2267

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